Thursday, February 19, 2009


I joined a Fried Chicken club where we dress up in chicken suits and eat fried chicken cuz we're masochist.
I never crave for fried chicken, but with all these Korean Fried Chicken places sprucing up, I figured it's about time I check 'em out. We started with OB Bear, supposedly the mother of Korean Fried Chicken, well at least it existed in LA before Bonchon & Kyochon (check with Tony C for K(orean)FC' s history...). It should really be OB Chicken, but yeah, OB Bear sounds cooler like a frat house. Think someone said that the name has something to do with the Korean = English translation....They should just get rid of OB cuz it just reminds me of tampons.

That said OB Bear is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves rocking fried chicken! We started with a pasta dish w/ squid.
I'm allergic to squid, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. OB's Spicy chicken wings looked delicious!
I'm a chicken and can't handle spicy food, so I went for the regular chicken wings.
Wow! SO GOOD! I guess it's all about double frying the chicken. We also ordered a small whole chicken.
The skin is tasty! The next best thing about OB Bear's chicken is that it's not overly greasy! The ghetto salad was the perfect side dish. The Korean pancake was delish! Tab came out to around $120 (4 platters of chicken wings, squid pasta, 1 small chicken, 1 Korean pancake, and 2 pitcher of beers); each paid around $13. Excellent service.

OB Bear would be a great place to watch sport games -great food and cheap beer, but they need to turn on the volume...
If you're coming from the west on 7th Steet, you will hit the free parking lot with the "OB" sign, which looks like a mechanic shop, before the restaurant. The "OB" signs don't match...
OB Bear is a must if you're hunting for Fried Chicken!

Address: 3002 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone#: (213) 480-4910
Rating: 4 out of 5

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