Friday, February 6, 2009


Despite Bazaar’s great reviews, I'm going to have to go against the grain...

Lee, Dee, and I agreed to check out Bazaar’s LA Dine Week menu. Lee was like "When are we going to check out Bizarre?" I corrected her & said it's "Bazaar," but turned out that Lee was right...

Lee said that their interior was inspired by the famous Spanish artists (Dali, Gaudi, Picasso, etc), & that's why you feel like Alice in Wonderland. You have the 2 restaurant areas to the left, the "studio 54" bar in the middle, candy land (you are courted to this area when it's dessert time...) in between the bar and the open "store" where you can buy ugly puppet fingers for $90 to $30 shoe horn. They also sell Commedia Dell'Arte figurines. Oh, there's a cool hill billy outdoor patio with free Wi-Fi.

After realizing that everyone who came after us, & yes I had reservation, were seated before us, I was determined to be seated immediately. I was in front of the hostess who completely ignored me & helped the lady behind me!! I was like, "HELLO!?" Are you blind!? No, no I wasn't going to have my own Christian Bale rant n rave, "WTF is wrong with you!? Are you a professional?!" Needless to say, we were seated immediately.

Unfortunately service was just as slow as getting a table. We ordered 40 minutes after our reservation time. I will have to say they were good at refilling our water. Anyhoo, so we ordered:

"Philly Cheese Steak" beef : It was the size of a potato wedge (4"x1"). I had the beef & it wasn't memorable, but forgettable. Seriously. I don't recall anything...
King Crab ($16) : I'm allergic to crustacean, but it looked like the sickly, sweet pineapple Chinese dishes that you just want to hurl. Lee & Dee confirmed my intuition.
Galician Lobster Medallions ($15) : They said that this dish was the worst. Thank goodness I'm allergic to crustacean.
Not Your Every Day Caprese ($12) : This dish was not bad...I've never had "liquid" mozzarella. It's just too bad they didn't give more...
Scallops ($10) : I'm allergic to scallops, but Lee & Dee said the scallops were underseasoned.
Tuna toro nigiri ($16!) : The watermelon was not ripe & the overall taste was bland. l
Seared Tuna w/ red bell peppers ($12): It was standard & safe, --probably the most filling tapas that I ordered.

Lamb loin ($14): I don't eat lamb, but Lee said that it was overcooked. Potatoes & mushrooms were good.

Japanese Tacos, seared eel ($10) : They should call this "Japanese Cigars" & not "Tacos." Not filling & put too much ginger -I couldn't taste the eel.

Japanese Peach w/ Persimmon & Goat Yogurt ($12): This is actually a MUST order dish. Unlike the other dishes, which tried too hard and failed, the sweet, salty combo flavor really worked wonderfully. Should you come to Bazaar just to order this dish? No.
However, if you really needed a reason to come here...You have to come here not for the food...but... for the bathroom. Did you think I was going to say desserts? Their bathroom is AWESOME! Before I start praising it let me return to wasteland...

As noted before, you get to go to the "candy land" area and check out the desserts, but we were forbidden; the area was too crowded, so we ordered off the menu & ate...

Clementine Sorbet & Rose Ice Cream ($10): This was the best dessert, but is it worth $10? Hell no.
Chocolate Cake ($10): It reminded me of cheap milk chocolate.
Creamy Chocolate Heart ($10) : I thought it was going to be a heart shape? Nothing spectacular, but better than the Chocolate Cake.
Let's move on to the best part of Bazaar -the bathroom. After we paid, I told Lee & Dee that we must go to the bathroom & shoot ourselves, not for being robbed, but to fulfill the narcissistic side of me and take pictures of the millions me in the bathroom stall... they didn't believed me when I said it was going to be fun taking pictures in the bathroom...1 star for the fun, cool bathroom.

Bazaar was more of a fiasco than Katsuya-Hollywood. I was still hungry after my meal! Thank goodness I didn't order any cocktails cuz my tab would have been $100 on nothing, but a good strong buzz. Poor service, poor food, poor portions AND pricey! I'll need to be dragged here again...or if I want to take more pics.

Address: 465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone#: (310) 246-5567
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