Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Q: How to cheer up an unemployed friend?
A: Take him/ her out to dinner (food is the best gift --well after money)

And that's what I did to start the Pre-New Year's Eve celebration. I figured pizza was in my budget, so my unemployed friend Chrissy and I ventured to Pasadena to Little Parlor Pizzeria. I read on Zagat that the owner owns Cobras & Matadors and Church & State.

LPP is a cute pizzeria joint with floor & wall tiles. The front door gets a little just pull really hard (or maybe I'm just weak...).

We waited a long time for our food but then I realized that they decided to bring the food all at once even though we requested our soup and appetizer to be brought out first...we ate:

The soup of the day: Carrot Ginger soup DSC05383
I enjoyed the crème de fraiche with the soup, but then once we bypassed it, the soup suddenly tasted like dish washing soap...the waitress suggested that it must be the ginger but then again I've had carrot ginger soup before and don't recall it tasting soapy...hmm...

Burrata Cheese
I love their burrata cheese! It was surprisingly sweet! I just wished they gave us more bread; I guess that's what the pizza crust was for...

Wood pizza

Close up on how thin the slice is: DSC05384
Their pizza is like Pizzeria Mozza --bubbly on the outer edge, but minus the grease! I probably would have enjoyed their pizza more had I ordered a different pizza (minus the charred parts) as the Woods pizza lacked flavor. I wished they distributed the rosemary evenly as opposed to clumps of it...

Pot de Creme
Our waitress suggested the pot de creme for our dessert, which was thicker than a mousse but still light. It was ok...I should have tried their tiramisu instead.

We had 2 glasses of white wine (waiter's recommendation --not bad) and the total came out to $62 (w/out tips). Ok it was more than what I wanted to spend but we just had to drink ($18 total).

Service was ok. I wished they didn't remove our water when we came back in for dessert.

Overall I do like their thin crust pizza (it's simple) and will come back to try their Old School and Finnochiona pizzas.

Address: 66 Mission Street South Pasadena, CA 91030
Phone#: (626) 799-0711
Rating: 3 out of 5

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