Monday, December 8, 2008


Dear Winos,

If you haven't tried Bacaro LA yet, then GO!!!!!! Bacaro is such a cute place for people like us to relax and drink us silly in wine. It's best you go in groups of 4 because the tables are REALLY small. The "bottles" ceiling is cool; it's too bad it didn't hide the fluorescent lights...nonetheless, this wine bar is adorable.
They have a great wine selection. Wine that I've never heard of...but then again I just like to drink and I don't really pay attention to the labels. Santos (I think...) helped me out me with my wine. The Ochoa, Viura & Chardonnay was light and dry, but still tasted like Chardonnay...Santos 2nd suggestion, the White Burgundy (the only w.b. by the glass) was much better.
If you are hungry or need substance to sober up, they have an excellent food selection, offering (3) small plates for $19 or $7 each. Santos suggested 3 plates per person. I was hoping he was wrong as I shared my meal with my cos, but he was right and we opted for the Grilled Panini w/ham, cheddar & tomato as our 4th dish. OMG, we should have ordered the Grilled Panini because that tipped us over and had absolutely no room for dessert. You get (2) Paninis with that order. Their burger was delicious!
You will add 5 lbs eating their burger -don't let the size fool you. I also enjoyed their Roasted Beets.
The Caprese salad was average. You might need to ask for water twice...
I spent a total of $37 including tax & tip. Overall, we had a great time and you will too!

Hippo the Wino

Address: 2308 S Union Ave Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone#:(213) 748-7205
Rating: 4 out of 5

Photo credit: Bacaro L.A. (top photo only)

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