Monday, December 8, 2008


Lucifer is going to hell...

It's ashamed because I was hoping that this new pizzeria joint would be better...

This place is NOT dine-in-friendly. There are (4) 2-top tables inside and (2) 2-top tables outside. There's a window booth (no table) that some people find comfortable to eat on. I understand that they are working with a really small space (my living is room is slightly bigger than the space and it's not consider a big living room), but there are ways to provide more seating--just need to spend more $. If you want to try their pizzas, do take out only and delivery is limited. They don't delivery to the Wilshire Center area (2.8 miles away), and they don't delivery when they are really busy.

The menu is pretty interesting. Pizza combinations that I wouldn't have thought order your food at the cashier counter and head back when they call out your name. My cos ordered the Ringburner and Greek Salad and I ordered the Vegetable Supremo (personal size). You have the option to make your pizza spicy; I picked zero hotness. You get your drinks out of the fridge (no Coke, Pepsi only).

We waited 40 minutes for our you should call-in your order before you head over to Lucifer's.

I've never been to place where they don't have napkins or a trash can readily available... weird.

My pizza looked better that what it tasted. It was pretty oily but then again, I wasn't thinking because I forgot it had pesto on it.
My cos thought that the Ringburner was not spicy enough; she requested it to be very, very, very spicy. She's a liar. I took one bite and gave myself a heart burn, and that's why I don't eat spicy food. Then again, in her previous life, she might have been a Latino eating red chili peppers like they're popcorn. The slice is very thin. Crust is mediocre. The menu said that they use arugula and spinach for the Greek Salad, but it was just spinach, and I didn't read the part where they use sundried tomatoes...what an odd Greek Salad...oh, you don't get plates; it served in the pizza box.

I spent around $32 for everything, and I can check this place off my list!

Address: 1958 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 906-8603
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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