Friday, December 19, 2008


**Penthouse Bar/Grill only


My friend's company recently laid him off but was (cough) so graciously kind to invite him to their holiday reception party (cough) at the luxurious Beverly Hills hotel, the Montage...image is everything and if it means firing good, honest, hard working people to "keep up with the Joneses" then so be it.

Anyhoo...the hotel itself is a typical Beverly Hills hotel -beautiful and conservative. The happy holiday event was at the bar on the penthouse level. The indoor bar is cozy with a beautiful view of B.H. and the hills. The service here is impeccable! Everyone was very sweet! If you asked a server who was serving food for a drink, s/he would get it for you. No attitude; s/he would do his/her round and then get the drink for you. The man (I think his name was Robert) greeting us as we entered the bar was just a doll.

The food display was beautiful. I loved how they presented the bread display:


It's artsy and has a personal touch. The cheese selection was excellent.



For the main appetizers, they served vegetarian egg roll, chicken pot sticker, chicken dumpling (?) and vegetarian pot sticker (which was more of a steamed vegetarian dumpling) -items starting from the top, clockwise. The "vegetarian pot sticker" was the best item. I was surprised that they chose a peanut sauce instead of a sweet 'n sour sauce...They also served a tuna appetizer, salmon appetizer, "pigs" in the blanket, the most adorable mini, mini burgers


and let's not forget about the desserts...


While everyone was checking everyone out, I was checking out the 3 cutest cupcakes:


Um...yeah, my friend's friends thought I was a little weird taking pictures of the food...

In a nutshell, if you have a job and are handsomely paid, you'll be very satisfied at the Montage Hotel.

Address: 225 N Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone#: (310) 860-7800
Rating: 4 out of 5

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