Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Flying Pig

Flying Pig
The Flying Pig is one of my new favorite food trucks. Joe and James, the chefs, are formerly trained at the Le Cordon Bleu. I’m finally trying to familiarize myself with ze names of chefs, owners, etc. One would think it comes easy for me since I have to know writers, directors, actors, agents, etc for my job, but it’s overwhelming to remember everyone’s damn names. The Flying Pig is not a new food truck; there are too many trucks to stalk.
Flying Pig
The marinated cucumbers and onions and the sauce made the braised pork belly buns delicious!
Flying Pig
The beef slider was my favorite. I think it’s all about marinated cucumbers and sauce.
Flying Pig
On the other hand, the grilled beef short rib soft taco didn’t do it for me. The sauce was bit saucy and just didn’t go well.
Flying Pig
Their smoked chicken soft taco is the best chicken taco that I’ve had out of the gourmet food trucks. I liked the napa slaw and green curry that came with it.
Flying PIg
The crunchy tofu bun was ok.
Flying Pig
I hope they have their pig fries the next time I stalk them…which will be very soon!

Stalk em here!
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