Monday, October 13, 2008


Came to Season Bistro last Saturday, which looked like the most happening restaurant in McDonough, GA. It's in a great space with an interesting history --at one point it was a mortuary. They have a live band playing on the weekends (don't sit too close--it's loud and then later you have people dancing). They have a good wine list; we had the Mouton Cadet Bordeaux was very good (really dry, smooth red wine).

Our waitress, who was slightly new to fine dining service, was sweet, but our food took forever; we probably waited for 45 minutes. Once I got my filet mignon I was disappointed with my butterfly cut...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you're supposed to slice the thickest part in half to make it thinner, so you cut the cooking time in half. The spears of asparagus were the scrawny ones. I misread the menu and I thought I was getting potato souffle but got sweet potato souffle instead, which was way too sweet. B had the spicy Thai chicken dish with rice ($14). DSC04736

P had the special -swordfish.
Despite my filet cut wrong, it was good but there's a price tag for that filet the size of my fist --$29! For dessert, we split the bailey shots in edible chocolate shot cups -no surprises there. DSC04740

I would have given Season Bistro a 3.7 or maybe even a 4 given that this is in McDonough, GA population of 16,000 (est.), but shortly after we received our entrance I saw something moved towards my purse on the floor, and it happened to be a big 1.5" coach roach. Now the doors are kept open, so the fella could have came in from the front, but since we were in the back and he was going to towards the front...

Address: 41 Griffin St McDonough, GA 30253
Phone#: (770) 288-2544
Rating: 2 out of 5

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