Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sushi Noshi

Sushi Noshi is my favorite cheap sushi restaurant in LA. This is probably the only sushi restaurant in Koreatown where the sushi chefs ARE Japanese. The d├ęcor is simple so don’t get dressed up. There is a parking space but often time it’s full during prime time eating hours –no valet and be careful where you park. Often times you will find yourself waiting for a seat because when I say the sushi is cheap, it’s cheap –cheaper than a supermarket’s sushi.

Noshi Sushi is the type of restaurant where you order your usual, and my usual is their spicy tuna roll, eel avocado roll, and their albacore salad. They don’t offer fancy rolls, just the basics but their spicy tuna rolls are like crack. There is something about their orgasmic sauce that makes it very addicting. I’ve been to a lot of sushi restaurants and their sauce is one of a kind.
Noshi Sushi
They offer the albacore salad in two sizes – half or full. The half is plenty enough for one person. It’s perfect if you’re on the Adkin diet. A handful of albacore sashimi sitting on a bed of thinly sliced cucumbers topped with julienned vegetables.
Their spicy tuna roll and albacore salad are usually enough to fill me up, totaling to $11 not including tip. They don't have a wide range of fish but they are fresh except their yellow tails, which are a hit or miss. They offer free miso and green tea. The only problem is that they close at 9PM and closed on Mondays.

If you’re penny pinching and craving sushi, Noshi Sushi is your answer!

Address: 4430 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone: (323) 469-3458
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