Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Globe Bistro

Globe Bistro
My last lunch in Toronto was at Globe Bistro. I had to pick a restaurant where I can meet up our publicist’s intern and do some damage control. Our publicist lost her mind and on top of having her intern do everything she refused to reimburse her. People in the biz are psycho…What better way than to take her out? And of course I reimburse her. I was disappointed that the rooftop dining area was closed for lunch. I was hoping to view Toronto before returning to La, La, Land. I guess that was fine, since it was chilly that day. We started with the Globe’s Daily Soup
Globe Bistro
and the Beet Salad.
Globe Bistro
The soup was tomato base with watermelon – light and fresh. The beet salad was excellent.
For our entrée, we split the Ontario Rib Eye Burger (15 Northern Woods mushrooms, Québec cheese curds, Niagara pancetta, house made pickles) and Yukon gold frites. Our Canadian distributor recommended their burger and he was right. It was fantastic. I really liked their frites as well.
Globe Bistro
I don’t know what the dessert was called..but it was like a chocolate ganache cake.
Globe Bistro
Now this was amazing! They do say chocolate is better than…. Be sure not miss this dessert.
Out of the restaurants that I dined at on this visit, Globe Bistro ranks my 3rd favorite.

Address: 124 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N1
Phone#: (416) 466-2000
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