Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brownstone Bistro

I wear many hats at work. When our film gets accepted at a film festival, I jump in to organize the dinner party, premiere, after party, and travel arrangements. It's a lot of work...but I don't mind because it's a challenge and it gives me a chance to eat!

I took the red-eye out on September 10th and landed in the wee morning on 9/11 (yes, I was a bit nervous flying...). I took the shuttle in town, then a cab to the theater and dropped off prints, and then to the Grand Hyatt to drop off press materials, and then checked-in at the Hilton and then to the Sutton Place to grab my badges and the tickets, and then it was almost noon and I was about to past out. I was craving breakfast food. Like Park City, Utah, Toronto is not a breakfast friend place on a weekday. Luckily I found Brownstone Bistro, which is walking distance from the Sutton Place.
It's a simple restaurant. Eggs were perfectly scrambled. I know, there's not much to write about eggs and home fries, but when you're starving for breakfast food in Toronto, knowing that you're going to have deal with a bunch of bitches, Brownstone Bistro made my afternoon!

Address:603 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5
Phone#:(416) 920-6288
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