Monday, May 12, 2008


I was teetering and tottering on rating 7 grand a 2 or a 4, but decided that they deserve a 4. Now, let me explain.. I had reserved a table for my boy's bday a week ago and when we showed up, they couldn't find our reservation. I didn't confused it with 7grand the restaurant as I specifically requested an outside table (there's no outside seating at the restaurant). The manager was nice, but could not do anything about the situation (all he has to do is just kick some people out --just kidding!) Luckily, we snagged a table in a less crowded area. Our friends had some trouble getting into the bar (typical around 11 on a Friday night) and the manager allowed us to make a list for our guests so they could bypass the line --guess that's the least they could do, but no, that's not the only thing they did, one of the guys (forgot his name...) who worked there kept checking in with us to see if we were fine and that's why they deserved a 4-star! The waiteress was nice --gave us a free drink.

If you plan on going to 7grand and it's crowded, order from the waiteress (p.i.t.a. to order @ the bar) and when you're half way done with drink order another one. Oh, and if you make reservations and they don't call to confirm, call to confirm...and get the name of the person who you spoke to.

Address: 515 W 7th St 2nd Fl Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone#: (213) 614-0737
Rating: 4 out of 5

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