Monday, February 8, 2010

Susina Bakery & Café

My friends and I ditched our Chinese-ness after our early Chinese New Year dinner celebration at the Manderette Cafe and headed to Susina Bakery & Cafe for desserts. I heart Susina Bakery & Cafe. I wished I can eat Susina's cakes every day but I'm not one of those lucky bastards who can eat everything in sight and not gain an ounce.

I was hoping that Cathy and Leeanne would settled on one cake because my jeans were really rubbing into tummy....but Leeanne wanted Banana Cream Pie,which didn't sound appetizing at first, but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed my 1st Banana Cream Pie. I like banana, but I don't know for some reason I always imagined that the banana would be so strong and sweet with the other ingredients in the pie that it would stop me from enjoying eating a banana. I was wrong. It was very fluffy and not as sweet as I had expected.
Susina Bakery & Cake's Banana Cream Pie
I picked the Berry Blossom cake. I love Susina's Berry Blossom cake but I have to confess that Sweet Lady Jane Bakery is better...
But still we were all very happy with or choices. I can't imagine a better way celebrating Chinese New Year early than with good people and good food!

Address: 7122 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone#: (323) 934-7900
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