Thursday, February 11, 2010


I rarely leave the office for lunch, so when I do... I'll take a 2.5 hour break and that's when I take advantage of a restaurant's lunch prefix. When I saw that Craft started a lunch prefix for $35, I knew that was my ticket to trying their food on my measly salary--it's much faster and less of a headache way than finding a date who will take me there. Well, I did have a date, my girlfriend Leeanne who works nearby the restaurant.

Now my work is a fairly casual work environment and sometimes, I forget what real people dress for work. Occasionally I'll dress up but that's usually when I know there's a cute actor in the office. There wasn't any eye candies that day, and I suddenly felt under-dress entering Craft with my hoodie and unwashed jeans for two weeks with holes... Yes, if you ever want to dine at a sleek, power lunch restaurant, make your reservation at Craft. Leeanne fit in but that's because she works on the Lot.

Surrounded by CAA and ICM agents and Fox studio executives dressed to the nine, I was surprised that the host seated us in the middle of the restaurant--maybe she thought I was a famous hipster South Korea?

We soon discovered that their lunch prefix posted on their website was not updated, so don't expect to get what you see.
We started with the beet salad with avocado & orange, and the niman ranch pork belly
black lentil & Arkansas black apple. Don't let my photos fool you--like the car mirrors -"object appears larger," these portions are tiny! Nonetheless, the beet salad was delicious, and one of the most colorful beet salad ever!
The last time I had pork belly it was at the Foundry and it was so fatty that I never wanted to have it again...until I had Craft's. Their pork belly was cooked through, not overly crispy, and definitely no gooey texture. Thank goodness Leeanne ordered it. I no longer fear pork bellies!
Leeanne ordered the duck for her entree. I don't eat duck; it's too gamey for me. She enjoyed her duck and this is what it looks like...
I ordered the hanger steak with oyster mushroom & pee wee potato. I laughed when I saw that the potatoes were called "pee wee." Why would anyone named potatoes "pee wee!?" Yes, sometimes I like to act immature--especially at a high-end restaurant. The hanger steak was cooked to perfection.
I forgot what the desserts were called as they were not listed on its website, but one was a rhubarb "pie" with vanilla ice cream and the other one a peanut butter/chocolate gelato. The rhubarb was not as tart as I had expected it to be.
Leeanne and I both agreed that the peanut butter/chocolate gelato was the winning dessert and our favorite part of the meal!
At the end of our extended lunch break, we were very satisfied. Service and food were great. What more can anyone ask for?

Address: 10100 Constellation Blvd., LA, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 279-4180
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