Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Ghetto Taco Truck Crawl

My friends invited me to their exclusive food group that meets up once a month. Most of the people who are in the group are in my profession, the biz. I hate networking mainly because I'm terrible at it; I'm just not "Hollywood." I am very good at eating and drinking though, and much rather talk about food, so it just made since for me to go to their February event: a taco truck crawl in the ghetto. Our goal was to hit every taco mark above and to be taco out at the end!

We met up at the Figueroa Produce and walked to taco heaven…or not?

1st Stop: Income Tax Taco @ 6138 York, LA, CA 90042
They offer the best al pastor and asada tacos on York Blvd. It’s ashamed that Income Tax Taco was our first stop. I rather have the best taco stand be our last.
Here are the toppings they provide:
I read that they are closed on Mondays but open from 6-11pm Tuesdays to Sundays.
The tacos cost $1 or $1.25…? It was ridiculously cheap. Well, for the most part, all of the taco stands on York Blvd didn’t cost more than $2/taco.

2nd Stop: Rica! Birria @ 5651 York, LA, CA 90042
Our 2nd stop was supposed to be Tacos Al Carbon but they weren’t there…I think since I don’t have a photo of them. Yes, I am cheating again and writing this post two months after the event…Rica! Birria is known for their goat tacos. They even have a goat on their truck:
Rica! Birria: 5651 York Blvd.
The set up is better than Income Tax Taco just because they have more room. I believe it’s right next to the car wash..? Hence they have more toppings:
I’m not that daring so I strayed away from the goat tacos and stuck to al pastor…or was it casada?
Damn, I need to write notes…it looks like a carne asada taco though. I do recall it not being as good as Income Tax Taco.

3rd Stop: La Estrella @ Ave 54/ York Blvd. , , LA, CA 90042
La Estrella: Ave 54/ York Blvd
They are known for their lengua tacos but by the time I reached the front, they were out. I guess it was a good thing because for all you non-Spanish people, lengua = tongue. Yeah…I might have thrown up some food on my tongue thinking about eating a cow’s tongue. I went for their al pastor taco.
It was pretty good but still can’t beat Income Tax Taco.

4th Stop: El Pique @ Ave 53/ York Blvd. , LA, CA 90042
El Pique: Ave 53/ York Blvd.
At this point, most of the people were being more adventurous and trying the tripas, buche and other random parts of the body…I stuck to what I know and ordered the carne asada. It was dry. I should have tried their al pastor.
5th Stop: Huaraches Azteca @ 5225 York Blvd, LA, CA 90042
Phone#: (323) 478-9572
Our last stop was Huaraches Azteca Restaurant. Jugo’s Juices was closed when we reached Huaraches Azteca and Tamale lady was nowhere to be found. Huaraches Azteca was the only restaurant on our list and boy it felt great to sit down. It’s relatively a clean Lincoln Height’s restaurant. We ordered our food at the counter and the server took our food to our tables. Prior to this crawl, I had no idea what the hell a huarache was and as you can figure out this restaurant is known for their huaraches. I shared a huaraches tripas with a friend. Oh shit, I just looked up what a tripas is…”small intestines of a farm animal.” Yes…sometimes it is best for me not to know what I am eating. I can easily psyche myself out. Well now it all makes sense why I didn’t like the tripas because if it’s not cooked right, the meat is rubbery. The huarache was a bit too burnt and chewy for my taste.
I think I ordered carne asada tacos or al pastor tacos or maybe one of each? I know I definitely enjoyed that much more than the huaraches since I finished the taco.
Huaraches Azteca also offers fresh fruit drinks and horchata. I wanted to get the watermelon juice but knew that it’s not in season so it would probably taste like those sour watermelons. My friend ordered one and I was right. I tried their horchata and it was good. I ordered another horchata on my way out.

We achieved our mission. We were taco out . The ghetto taco crawl is about a mile walk one-way. I need to return to Income Tax Taco soon.
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