Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ESPN Zone: 2009 LA Marathon Carb Load Dinner

ESPN ZONE: 2009 LA Marthon's Carb Load Dinner
After my Chinese New Year dinner with the ladies, I tried to sweat off from all the meat I ate and jogged/walked nine miles and for some reason since I was able to accomplish the distance, I figured I could do a marathon! 9 miles to 26.2 miles? It's the same thing right? I know, sometimes I'm crazy and impulsive but that's what makes life interesting --when you challenge yourself the impossible and finish it.

Given that the LA Marathon was my first marathon, I wanted the entire experience -my bib on my shirt, pictures and the carb load dinner. This year carb load dinner was downtown at the ESPN Zone Center . The ticket price was $25. Apparently you need to load up on a carb because you burn roughly around 2000 calories in a marathon? The carb load dinner was set up buffet style. You started off with bread and salad, and then there were four sauces and two different types of pastas - spaghetti or penne.
ESPN ZONE: 2009 LA Marthon's Carb Load Dinner
ESPN ZONE: 2009 LA Marthon's Carb Load Dinner
I wanted the Alfredo sauce but stuck to the marinara sauce. At the end of the table were the desserts. The desserts were simple, nothing fancy: lemon bars, brownies, and cookies.
ESPN ZONE: 2009 LA Marthon's Carb Load Dinner
I was very disappointed with my $25 carb load dinner. I should have just gone to an Italian restaurant and order pasta. The LA Marathon should have charged $9.99. I now know never ever to sign up for carb load dinner again. Live and learn.

Addrsess:1011 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone#: (213) 765-7070
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