Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bottega Louie

Since I was on my way to the Convention Center downtown to pick up my LA Marathon bib, I thought it made sense to grab some brunch at Bottega Louie. I’ve heard amazing things about Bottega Louie, and wanted to see if they were true or if it was all too good to be true. One step into Bottega Louie’s space you feel like you’re in New York City, and it’s really hard not to be a fan of the restaurant. I want to live there. As you enter the restaurant there’s the “market” where you can buy all-ready prepared food like sandwiches, salads, desserts, drinks and other goodies to go. They have a full bar diagonally across from the “market.”

The dining area is in the back. The host(ess) writes every customer in the reservation book so when the time comes when they are ready to seat you, they can greet you as, “Miss Hippo follow me.” Their properness makes me almost want to do a curtsy or a bow… The space is much darker in the evening.

Bottega Louie
Servers are attentive--although it might be difficult flagging a waiter if you’re in the bar section on the weeknights/ends.

You should start off with their blueberry lemonade.—not too sour and not too sweet.
Their eggs Benedict were ok. I liked how the Hollandaise sauce is served separate. The sauce could you use a kick of lemon.
I need to come back for dinner. It’s always packed at Bottega Louie in the evening.

Address: 700 S Grand Ave, LA, CA 90017
Phone#: (866) 418-9162
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