Monday, June 30, 2008


Hell's Kitchen is the perfect brunch place. Their lemon-ricotta hotcakes will melt in your mouth, and I'm not a big lemon fan. No need to use maple syrup!


I tried my friend's bison sausage and her man's bison Benedict and they were soooo good. Who needs beef when there's bison!

B was daring and tried the Wellington Benedict (Toasted brioche Bread with duck liver pate, charbroiled beef tenderloin filet, poached eggs, black truffle hollandaise sauce and white truffle oil). Count me out on the duck liver pate part...but the beef tenderloin filet was good althought it was a bit on the red side for medium well done...

I'm not a fan of Bloody Mary, but I made my friend order it because it look too pretty. Oh yeah, our server said that they make the "original Bloody Mary" --with beer, not vodka.


I'm def hitting this spot again when I'm back in MN.

Address: 80 S 9th St Minneapolis, MN 55467
Phone#: (612) 332-4700
Rating: 5 out of 5

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