Monday, June 30, 2008


My sister had her wedding reception over the weekend in Buffalo, MN, and as my aunts and uncle were eating, they just kept talking about this amazing looking sandwich that they saw in town and how we had to hurry up and leave by 7:30pm to order the sandwiches.


OMG, wow, what a's called the Abbodonza (Abundance), BJ's dream sandwich: turkey, ham, salami, swiss cheese, tomato, sliced egg, bermuda onion and fresh spinach layered between crepes with light mayonnaise and topped iwth Parmesan cheese. Served with kettle chips and a pickle --all for $7.99!!! Check out the pics. Crazy, huh? I almost didn't want to eat the sandwich and just frame it on the wall. There was difficulty eating the sandwich...nonetheless, not bad!

And while you're there, another must is BJ's Kahlua Chocolate Chip Cake --HEAVEN! The pies look amazing too. Oh, man, I just want to go back and eat everything....


Address: 2 1st Ave S Buffalo, MN 55313
Phone#: (763) 682-0140
Rating: 4 out of 5

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