Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry...I don't get it. Sure the Governor frequents here (in fact Arnold was there the same day, and I all wanted to do was shout, "Don't raise our sale taxes!!!!") and Sly and other old Hollywood peeps, but the food is not impressive.

I was here a few weeks ago for my boss' birthday. It was a lovely day so we sat outside, which can be weird because you are in the middle of this mall and there's construction going on.
I started off with the Antipasto Caffe' Roma (chef's choice cold cuts), which had a good meat selection.

My boss had the appetizer special Truffle Mushroom Polenta, which was good, but not as good as it sounds like.
The Antipasto was pretty filling so I shared a Margherita pizza with my boss' wife. It looked more of a cheese pizza...
I was expecting the pizza to look like: My sad slice was so sad...there was nothing special about their pizza. l-59
I tried my boss' daughter's boyfriend's pizza, the D.O.C. (Fresh tomato and buffalo mozzarella) - I think that's what it's called I was hoping that it would taste better, but nope, not at all. l-58
My boss ordered the Gnocchi con Pomodoro (filante potato gnocchi with tomato sauce) and it was tasteless too. What a disappointment!l-77
Thank goodness the desserts were exciting...well at least the Chocolate Souffle. Ladies, their Chocolate Souffle is the perfect meal to have when you are on your period. l-74
Their Tiramisu was just okay...

Service was a hit or miss. They were excellent at refilling our wine glasses but then I had to ask for water THREE times. I am told 10 years ago Caffe Roma's food was amazing...well, now it's gone, and I much prefer La Terza or Osteria La Buca.

Address: 350 N Canon Dr Ste 13 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone#: (310) 274-7834
Rating: 2 out of 5

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