Friday, December 24, 2010

Mango Cafe

Mango Cafe
I have been seriously eating like a hippo. I guess if you’re not consuming 5,000 calories a day you’re not really having a vacation, right? To off set calories I decided to walk to Mango Café. I took the scenic route, waking around the cliff,…behind people’s back yard. I was waiting for someone to call the police but apparently a local informed I that it’s open to the public…weird but neat. Here’s a cool house I came across:
They are really living in a seashell by the seashore. I wonder if the owner’s name is Sally… anyway the scenic route took me about an hour to walk to Mango Café from the Hotel Zone. Mango Café is famous for their French toast. I’ve been informed that their dinner is great but everyone is talking about their French toast. Their French toast takes two hours to make. Well, it took me less than two hours to get there, arrived around 10AM on a Friday, and they were SOLD OUT. Damn. I thought if I shed some tears of coming all the way Isla de Mujeres would help but it didn’t. Damn. The story of my life…

Mango Café is a cute, cozy restaurant. It was mostly Americans dining. The best part of traveling solo is that you are forced to talk to strangers…or not. I was conversing with an American and she was ranting about how her siblings didn’t want to travel outside the States yet at the time all she wanted to do on the Isla de Mujeres was to lie on a beach and tan…ironic.
Mango Cafe
Menu is located on the board:
Mango Cafe
They forgot to 86 the French toast…talk about a buzz kill. Well since it was brunch I went for the shrimp Benedict…minus the shrimp.
Mango Cafe
The Hollandaise sauce was a bit off but it wasn’t bad. It certainly filled me up. I definitely appreciate that they charged me less since I told them that I was allergic to crustacean.—that’s VERY RARE. They charged me $80MEX instead of $100MEX.

I guess I’ll have to come back to try their French toast…

Address: Colonia Meteorologico | Across from Guadlupe Church, Isla Mujeres 77400, Mexico

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