Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La Taquiza No. 2

La Taquiza
On Memorial Day my neighbor, Carlos and I decided to grab lunch at La Taquiza No 2. No 1 is in South Gate by Downey. For a change No 2 is more popular than No 1 but that’s just because it’s near USC where students can grab good, cheap Mexican food. By the way, they're starting their delivery service soon. I figured I could grab good Mexican food and check out my church’s new DT service location.

La Taquiza is home of the Mulitas. Mulitas is basically like a sandwich but with corn tortillas instead of bread. I found out after I check into Foursquare (if it’s your first visit there, you get a free mulita…a good reason to check in first and not when you’re finishing your meal)…even though it says it on the building. I’m really bad with foreign words…I have a tendency to read only what I know, and tacos are what I know and that’s what we ordered. They have a pretty extensive menu.

You order at the counter, and they call out the items when they’re done.
La Taquiza
As you wait, you can mosey over to the salsa/toppings bar and grab some marinated vegetables and salsas. No limes, only lemons.
La Taquiza
The chips and guacamole were the first to come out. Their guacamole could use more salt but I was pleased that it had enough lemon juice. Chips are slightly greasy—nothing special.
La Taquiza
Then the carne asada, al pastor and pollo tacos came out.
La Taquiza
The carne asada was dry. It was probably the worst one out of all the tacos we ate.
La Taquiza
The al pastor was good—flavorful and not dry. This was my 2nd favorite taco.
La Taquiza
The pollo was our favorite. It was juicy and had a nice smoky flavor to it. The next time I’m coming here, I’m just going to get pollo , well maybe the al pastor too.
La Taquiza
The chorizo was interesting. The texture was a bit crunchy. Carlos hated it. I wasn’t expecting to look like this…
La Taquiza
The short ribs…well let’s just say the Koreans can do Mexican but Mexican’t do Koreans.
La Taquiza
Our last taco, the Ensenada fish was ok. They battered heavily but the filet was soft and meaty.
La Taquiza
Carlos and I were stuffed but how could we refuse free food? We went with pollo for the mulita. It was pretty tasty but it’s just like a quesadilla…
La Taquiza
La Taquiza
The next time I’m here, I’m going to get an al pastor taco and a pollo mulita.

Address: 3009 S Figueroa St, LA, CA 90007
Phone#: (213) 741-9795
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