Friday, December 24, 2010

La Lomita

I am dusting my site, and starting to write...thanks to Miss Janet. Blogging is so hard to do when you have a full-time job, especially when your blog has absolutely nothing to do with your work. I am amazed by other writers who can do write-a-thons like the Minty who works full-time and Banana Wonder who's a full-time student; they both eat like Takeru Kobayashi, and write faster than I can eat.
Where to pick up from where I left off...? I guess I'll start from La Lomita and work my way back and in between write more current dining experience just to confuse both of us. Thus this entry is dated December 24th. No it's not Christmas Eve now but I was there on that date. That's the thing about food. I can't remember what I did on a given day, but if I can remember what I ate, the puzzles start to come together.

Every 2-3 three years, I go out of the States. Why every 2-3 years? Unlike most companies that give two weeks off, I must not take a vacation in one year to accumulate enough vacation days to make an int'l trip worthy because I'm not getting on a plane for 16 hours one-way for just 5 days. I remembered one year we had to decide if we wanted to take Christmas Eve off or New Years Eve...

Christmas Eve was my last night on the Isla de Mujeres. Isla de Mujeres or the Island of Women is a 30-minute boat ride from Cancun. I had made a ridiculous 10-page itinerary of all the things I must see and eat, and La Lomita was one of them. La Lomita is not the ideal Christmas Eve meal but due to time, it worked and did not disappoint me at all. It’s located on Avenue Juarez about a 5-7 minute walk from the hotel zone. There's no number for the address because the island is pretty damn small. It’s a typical eatery in Mexico: simple.
La Lomita
La Lomita is famous for their chili rellenos.
La Lomita
It’s served with a black bean soup and rice. They had a special Christmas Eve dinner but I was on a mission for their chili rellenos. Would it be better than La Casita’s chili rellenos? Yes, it was. Granted La Lomita’s chili rellenos are different from La Casita’s…it’s fried and the pepper is inside the dish…but what made it tasted better was the gooey cheese!
La Lomita
Comfort food, you’ve got to love them. It wasn’t soggy from being deep fried, but definitely filling and hit the right spot from walking on the island all day. I can’t seem to find the receipt but La Lomita is fairly inexpensive and perfect if you’re looking for authentic Mexican dishes. I heard their mole is die for. I would if I had room. I’m not a bean person so their black bean soup tasted like a black bean soup.
La Lomita
The one ingredient that was missing from my meal was a mojito. They offer beer and sodas.
The mosquitoes in Mexico ate more meals off of me, but I think it’s just because they know who eats good food. A Christmas Eve dinner to remember!

Address: Avenue Juarez, Isla Mujeres (Cross Street: Centro)
Hours: 9AM-11:30PM Mon-Sat (d/c)

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