Saturday, September 22, 2007


Despite the many bad reviews on this restaurant, I actually had a good time there with my friend. We were supposed to dine at Madison Square & Garden Cafe, but due to today's sporadic weather...they decided to close early. The only breakfast place w/in walking distance was the Cottage House and it was about a 30-min wait. We decided to head to Las Brisas and were seated immediately with a beautiful view of the ocean. I was disappointed that that the cut off time for breakfast is 11am there; in fact that's when most restaurants in Laguna stop serving breakfast (what's up with that? don't they know that's when drinkers get up in the morning?)

Luckily we're not big eaters, so the Picaedillo Atun and the Playa Azul suffice. The Atun was served w/ delicious marinated vegetable, and for the Playa Azul, we had Chicken Tamale (yum), Steak soft taco (meat was perfect) and rice. I wanted to try their guacamole dip, but not for $10. Overall, they serve good "Americanized" Mexican food. If I had to pick on something besides their breakfast hours, their orange juice is not freshly squeezed... The next time I am there, going to try their salad w/the soft shell taco (looks amazing) and profiteroles (didn't have room for dessert. :( ) The bill came out to $42 (including tip) --I guess that's why I am still able to give it a good review. Crowd wise, you have the tourists, yuppies, couples, and the married men w/ their mistresses (yup, I saw one --shame on you!)

For service, hands down, 5 star.

Address: 361 Cliff Dr. Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone#: (949) 497-5434
Rating: 4 out of 5

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