Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cole's: Birthday Part 3

After the Gorbals, we stumbled to Cole's since there was no dessert at the Gorbals. I've been to Cole's for dinner and let me just there is no comparison between Cole's French dip vs Philippe the Original; Cole's is way better! I find Philiippe's meat to be on the dry side and lacking flavor. I am a huge fan of Cole's bacon potato salad. I really enjoy their drinks. In the back there's the Varnish Bar; a very dark speakeasy bar with fancy drinks. I much prefer sitting at the bar upfront where there's light. I love their Cosmos, in which use gin instead of vodka, so watch out! They also have absinthe. I wasn't disappointed with their dessert either.

While Chrissy had Cole's French fries (yes, he was starving from Gorbal's overprice food for mini-midgets), I had the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, which made my night complete.


Happy Birthday to me!

Address: 118 East 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014-2006
Contact#(213) 622-4090
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