Saturday, August 29, 2009

THE GORBALS: Birthday Part 2

I was hoping to continue eating well on my birthday at the newly opened top chef Ilan Hall’s Gorbals…but fate reminded me that I was celebrating my “odd” years. Now one can say that I am being harsh as it was opening night but time have passed, and it’s clear the reviews are not positive.
Gorbals is located in the Alexandria Hotel, which desperately needs a face-lift. The restaurant’s interior matched the hotel. I haven’t been to Gorbals recently as they had shut down a few weeks after its open but I hope they fixed the floor. As you enter the bar is the to right and in the back you can dine and watch the chef cook up your meal.
I was considering bringing a bottle of wine but soon realized that we should have brought our own glass as you can see in the photo…don’t know they know the girl needs to get her drink?
I hope they improved their wine selections.

They were already 86 on a few items on their menu…luckily they had their talk about Bacon-Wrapped Matzo Balls w/horseradish mayonnaise.

I love bacon. I love matzo balls, but the combination just fell flat—maybe because it’s just not kosher?
The Rarebit with chicken egg was another disappointment. Again it lacked flavor.
The most appetizing dish was the Sheppard's Pie in potato with egg.
Our tab came out to $50. Portions are small; so don’t expect to be full when you finish. Do yourself a favor and head over to Cole’s instead.

Address: 501 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone#: (213) 488-3408
Rating: 2 out of 5
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  1. She's baaaaaaack!!!! I like those matzo balls.

  2. Uhm, we demand a new post. That is all.



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