Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LIttle Dom

I am surprised that it took me a really long time to take advantage of Little Dom’s $15 3-course dinner on Mondays. Before taking off to NYC for the marathon, I met up with Banana Wonder, and Katrina yesterday. Katrina and I got there on time…and Banana Wonder was with her Greek tutor studying…anatomy and showed up almost an hour later. We didn’t know how popular Little Dom was on a Monday so we wanted to get there pretty much when it opened. We got a table right away and ordered a $10 bottle of red wine. Yes, you heard me, a $10 bottle –only available on Monday nights. There is something good on Mondays beside football.

We started off with their shaved brussel sprout, parmesean and hazelnut salad. It was light and a bit bland. I could have used some bacon bits in the salad…
Little Dom's
We ordered their rice balls (not a part of the 3-course meal) since we read that it's a must order appetizer. It’s hard not to like Little Dom’s rice balls –deep-fried breaded, mozzarella rice. Yum!
Little Dom's
Our entrée, the sausage ragu with polenta was a bit disappointing. I was expecting it to be more meaty, but I guess at $15 I can’t really complain…
Little Dom's
I liked their pumpkin pie for dessert –light and not too sweet.
Little Dom's
Overall we had a good time and will definitely be back for Monday nights!

Address: 2128 Hillhurst Ave. LA, CA 90027
Phone#: (323) 661-0055
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