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When my friends and I saw Mozza2Go on Black Board Eats, we knew that would be our next chow time together. For those who are not familiar with BBE, the website offers great deals at popular restaurants. Since we got 30% off our take-out at Mozza2Go, we went crazy with our order. I placed the ordered in the morning because I am told if you order last minute you will have to wait awhile...parking is a nightmare in that area because you have people going to Pizzeria Mozza (think Gap) and Osteria Mozza (think Banana Republic, while Mozza2Go is Old Navy) but since I was just picking up...the valet guy was cool and let me parked my car in the valet section.

The food smelled heavenly in my car. I think I'll have a Mozza2Go's pizza as my car freshener from now on. I had to refrain myself from nibbling on the food driving back to mi casa as I know Banana Wonder and Katrina would be upset at me.

We started with the roasted brussel sprouts with prosciutto breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs are packed separately. I really enjoyed the combination -I'll definitely try to make it myself.
Mozza2Go's roasted brussel sprouts with prosciutto breadcrumbs
Mozza2Go's roasted brussel sprouts with prosciutto breadcrumbs
Our other appetizer was Nancy's famous chopped salad. The garbanzo beans threw me off...and I don't think I will be ordering it again.
Their pizzas are slightly bigger than a personal size pizza, so we ordered three --hey I hang out with people who can eat...and drink. My favorite of the three was the funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme pizza since I'm crazy about mushrooms. The mushroom juice was soaked into the crust and cheese. Yum!
Mozza2Go's Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme
Our second pizza had fennel sausage, panna & red onion. Oddly this was not as oily as the one I had at Pizzeria Mozza...
Mozza2Go's Fennel sausage, panna & red onion
Our third and last pizza was with coach farm goat cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic & bacon.
Mozza2Go's Coach Farm goat cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic & bacon
We did not picked one bad pizza!

We were really happy that the desserts were small portions. Banana Wonder and Katrina loved the Butterscotch Budino. It was eh, a bit too sweet for me.
Mozza2Go's Butterscotch Budino
The Perugian almond tart was more up my alley. Well, I wasn't impressed but it fulfill my sweet tooth. Oh, I think the tart is two-three inches in diameter.

Mozza2Go's Perugian almond tart
Overall, the food was fantastic, and I'll definitely order the funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme pizza soon!

Address; 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone#: (323) 297-1130
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  1. Yeah! Thanks for the shout out and THANKS for ordering and picking up our tasty treats. I think it's best to stick with JUST the pizzas from now own. Good thing we experimented with our discount.

  2. yes the mushroom pizza! is there an easier way of monitoring/responding to comments???

  3. oh, i just changed my settings. i now must approve all comments before they're published. that's the only way i know when someone comments unless there's another way..?



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